Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Reticent Hero

This story was submitted to the first Catalyst 24 Hour Flash Contest. The prompt was to write a story of no more than 250 and include the following ten words: rain, voices, seagull, place, morning, shoes, flowers, village, love, girls. You can view the list of winners here.

Their voices drizzled to the ground, like a silent rain, as the villagers retreated from the cemetery. A seagull floated among the morning clouds, watching the solemn procession. 

A pair of shiny, dress shoes stood guard over the flowers posted at the gravesite, a place his girls would be forbidden to visit again until they were older. War had taken its toll, depriving the town of its young men. But no conflict, no man, no government could take away the one thing that mattered most. Love--for a father, for a country, for mankind.

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