Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Thanksgiving Feast

Unemployed, homeless, vincible, Jack Little hunched over the plate like a simian warrior and gorged himself on his first real meal in two days. Nobody paid any attention to him, even though he was the biggest man in the room. He didn’t mind. He was grateful to be around his friends to give thanks.


  1. Urban Renewal In The Old West

    At its best the shantytown called Little Gorge, Arizona, smelled like monkey dung. At its worst it smelled like Simian Nobody, the local outlaw. An odoriferous problem. Then one night, Simian burned down Vincible Vicki's whorehouse. Next day, the marshal hung him. The marshal got a medal and the townsfolk breathed a sigh of relief.

    1. Oh that was a harsh punishment! But it was the wild west!

  2. 50 words:


    At the lip of the Gorge, I stood and gazed a little at the blue sky. My feelings were now vincible and there was, after all, nobody who cared, to stop me. I breathed deeply as I flung myself from the edge, like a Simian flying from tree to tree.

  3. "Scuze me while I kiss the sky." I think Jimmie Hendrix would fly along with you HH. Carries a lot of sad within those few lines. Makes a guy think she didn't actually make the leap all by herself. Makes a guy think a lot of invisible hands from her past propelled her into the big blue.

  4. She Won't Sleep with Shadows

    She wanted a man, simian-strong yet playful at gentle sex. So how did she come to love a nobody named Jack, vincible, gorged on the kindness of others, so small in the shadows of her dreamt-up giants. Simple. Jack was always there, saving her from the King-Kongs of loneliness.