Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Niblets--bite-sized stories of 50-55 words

There are Dribbles and Drabbles of exactly 50 and 100 words, respectively. I’m starting a new form I call Niblets. These are stories of at least 50 words and no more than 55.

The skinny: Use the five words listed below to write a Niblet and add it as a comment to this post. Any genre is acceptable. Please keep stories no more than R-rated. Each week I’ll select my favorite stories for possible inclusion in an anthology of these bite-sized tales. 

Here’s today’s list of randomly selected words.


** Thanks to Richard Osgood of the Flash Factory and his Sunday 5-50/55 whose idea I stole borrowed upon for this effort.


  1. The Fatal Flask – 50 Words

    The soldier in urban print fatigues danced a bolero as bullet after bullet slammed into his body. His infectious smile dulled by the blood spewing from him mouth as interior organs erupted. His final mission completed as the contagious flask sunk into the lava. Another result for the good guys. Another unsung hero saving mankind.

  2. Free at Last - 51 words

    Janey sat on her haunches as the soldier ants marched through the ruined interior. Bolero played in her head like a contagious disease with no cure. Her captor lie slumped in the recliner. She held the bloody knife in her fist and printed a message on his forehead. Janey was here.

    1. Love it Jim. So much imagery with so few words.

  3. Thanks, Graham, and the bolero danced to bullets is an interesting image.

  4. This one doesn't use the prompt words, but its very good for a first attempt at writing a nimblest.

    By Limpy Morgan

    I first saw Maggie at The Club, dangling from a slick Italian’s arm, surrounded by bodyguards. Determining to rescue this lush beauty, I arranged for friends to distract the Italian and his bodyguards while I spirited Maggie away. Now I’m chained, underwater, to a block of cement. The Italian was not the mobster. Maggie was.

  5. THE SPY
    By LimpyMorgan

    The soldier, dressed in a flamboyant sequined bolero jacket, gaily danced around the Spanish Embassy ballroom. He sought a way to secretly enter the Embassy’s interior and steal a rare Monet print. His dancing, however, though contagious and entertaining, sadly lacked any authenticity; so both he and his jacket were bounced right out the door.