Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Niblets--bite-sized stories of 50-55 words

There are Dribbles and Drabbles of exactly 50 and 100 words, respectively. I’m starting a new form I call Niblets. These are stories of at least 50 words and no more than 55.

The skinny: Use the five words listed below to write a Niblet and add it as a comment to this post. Any genre is acceptable. Please keep stories no more than R-rated.

Here’s today’s list of randomly selected words.


** Thanks to Richard Osgood of the Flash Factory and his Sunday 5-50/55 whose idea I stole borrowed upon for this effort.


  1. Say What?

    It was a comical plan. The note said: Meet me at the statue of the gnome in the park, and I’ll tell you who the embezzler is. Wear a tweed jacket and argyle socks. I threw the note away, treating it like so much pablum. Was this jerk really going to rat on me?

    By Limpy Morgan

    It was comical, at first, watching two men trying to beat the crap out of a half-naked gnome. But, instead of embezzling gems from the king’s treasure room, as they wanted, the gnome smashed their jaws—ensuring they would eat nothing but pabulum for several months. I rewarded him with a wardrobe of winter tweeds.