Sunday, December 21, 2014

Two for Christmas

Ended up with two prompts today. Prompt words appear after each piece.

Merry Christmas? 

Tinsel—a name she acquired after her hair caught in the Christmas tree and pulled it onto Grandma Mae, who embraced the trunk between her legs and moaned, "Oh George," her memory allowing the impossible to be possible—questioned her spirit this year, with all the families missing members due to the actions of others. (55 words)

Prompt words: question, possible, embrace, tinsel, memory

She'd even given up meat 

Carrie'd always been known as a real nutcracker, regardless the season. Her lips in a permanent pucker, like a bassoonist, her conversations consisted mostly of grunts. But this year was different. She'd even purchased a present for the first time since her parents died in the crash. It was the wise-cracking new guy, Grant's fault. (55 words)

Prompt words: nutcracker, bassoon, season, wise, meat

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