Sunday, November 22, 2015

Chasing After Love

This week's 5 to 50/55 challenge. Prompt words below.

He unfolded the paper as the Greyhound bus crossed into Missouri. One word appeared. Goodbye. They met at a hair salon. He had a coupon. She smelled fruity. Her dream was to be a hairdresser to the stars. He didn’t know if he’d be able to find her in Hollywood, but he had to try. (55 words)

Prompt words: paper, goodbye, hairdresser, fruit, Missouri

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Mistaken Identity

I nursed a beer waiting for The Rapture to arrive when she sauntered in. She removed her sunglasses, surveyed the nothingness known as Mickey’s. I took a sip and made a wish. It worked. She approached.

“Hi, I’m Hillary. I hope I can count on your vote.”

Obviously, she couldn’t tell I was a Republican.

**Prompt words: rapture, beer, sunglasses, wish, nothingness