Sunday, July 13, 2014

His Warnings Unheeded, The Truth Ignored

Prompt words in bold. As a reminder, this is a weekly challenge to write a story of 55 words (not including title) using 5 given words.

TC waded through the feculent water, his nose assaulted by the stench. The rubber waders protected him from acids infiltrating the creek. A mint covered the smell of the gin he'd consumed for courage. TC adjusted the plant owner's limp body, their tango-of-death nearly finished, the cave where one of them would find peace ahead.


  1. Feculent is a brand new word for me. Very smelly piece! (By which I mean, nicely vivid.)

  2. Thanks, Kaye. I'd never heard of feculent either. :)

  3. I love this a lot. You made all the words come together in a very interesting and original story. Bravo!